Complain and you shall be exterminated –


The title may be a bit harsh on but that is what it seems at least on the face of it.

Today I logged into my email to only find out that my Myspace a/c was deleted, what was even shocking was that they deleted my a/c because I had sent them a message on their site regarding a phishing email I received that said that my A/c was going to be deleted, if I didn’t download a software and install it on my PC.

I forwarded the details to thinking they would be interested in knowing about people who are miss using their name, and take action to stop such acts; also which was more of a concern for me was that these guys had my email which I used for myspace and knew I wasn’t logged into to the site for more than a couple of months at least.

Few days since that initial contact with Myspace I received a email asking me for the Id in question, I sent them my ID. I now received an email telling that the issue was resolved and the id deleted, but the ID deleted was my own…

But anyways I wasn’t quite found of the site… for various reasons:

  • Some guy called Tom adds you as a friend
  • Strange women in sluttery attire want to be your friends… Its only ones guess whether these are actual people.
  • Some of the site takes forever to load
  • It has really bad design.
  • And last but not the least they delete your ID if you call foul.

Anyways I love facebook.. and many of my friend love orkut… So I’m happy being on facebook and orkut.