Its all about Politics at the end of the day


Few youngsters encouraged and backed by a Politician go ahead and attack a few helpless women in the name of morals. It was sad, shocking and scary to watch women be man handled in that manner.

I would like to say here that any man who beats up another woman, has no morals. And someone with no morals has no right to go around preaching morals.

Further this whole incident has raged a debate, fueled by the Media, especially the News channels. a debate that talks about our changing values and new word was coined as well the “pub culture”. Various Politicians, Chief Ministers voiced their option against the manner of the attack, but they followed those options with stronger ones against the “pub culture”, because they didn’t want to be seen promoting something that was widely believed as immoral amongst the “general voting public”.

By Voting Public, I mean the demography that votes, which includes uneducated people, rural people, worried parents, all of whom have never seen a pub and their notion of such places are based on what they have seen in movies or what they have heard. Roughly put, they think of Clubs and Pubs as places where girls and boys, go down a dozen drink, then top it up with drugs and at the end go have sex. Though there isn’t anything more further away from the truth, It would be difficult change this mindset of the “general voting public” and I’m not talking about changing this mindset.

Though not directly, the “general voting public” would align themselves with the so called “guardian of our culture” rather than support the victims of this incident, because they victims are perceived as immoral for visiting such a place, before anything.

I have seen how elections are fought, and can tell you one thing, issues is all that makes or breaks these election campaigns. And this attack in an Election year prompts me to look a little deeper at the political motivation that this incident may have, and how Saffron Parties can take advantage of this. The fact that the incident took place in a Saffron State also points to the fact that the perpetrators tried to get maximum mileage with least damage.

We need to hand pick these goones find out what was their motive (not the moral bullshit), the actual motive and I can be sure it would be money. Educated employed young people don’t get into such messes, because they need to report to work the next day, but everybody needs money and even these guys have received sums of money from their bosses. Some one needs to ask them what are their sources of income and where did they get the money to pay for their bails and legal fees. Two things would come to light with this, first we would know who are their bosses and definitely it would be Politicians who would stand to gain in the coming elections from such retoric and secondly and most importantly that this is not about culture, morals or religion but about money.

finally, I would like to also give my views on the comment from a member of the National Women’s Commission, first your job is to protect women’s right and not to check the security situation of a place, if thats the case someone might rob someone elses house and claim innocence on the basis of that the house didn’t have adequate security. Secondly she mentioned something about the girls at the pub wearing “nude clothes”, excuse me, you are either clothed or your nude, and there isn’t anything like nude clothes, the videos of the act have been played and replayed over a thousand times on various news channels everyone can see what the girls were wearing, there wasn’t anthing “nude” or even indecent about the clothes further it was the so called moral brigade that was trying to rip the clothes of women (or probably they went in there to see nude clothed women didn’t find any and decided they wanted some and…)