Empty vessels dont make the most noise


Empty vessels don’t make the most noise, actually it’s the one which are half full that make the most noise when the stuff inside moves around.

The age old saying “empty vessels make the most noise” implies that stupid people go around shouting out loud what they believe are pearls of wisdom.

But I’ve put a little bit of thought and mostly observed people that I’ve come across in my work place and concluded it’s not the empty vessels that are the noisiest but those who have half knowledge on things and go around consulting… on stuff like technology, internet, ecommerce, business and the winner “social media”.

Some of the reasons they get away with making noise:

  • They add have fancy job titles, like evangelist, enthusiast or just something simple as manager.
  • The find people who are totally clueless about the topic but are polite or vela (sitting free without anything to do) enough to listen. A perfect eg. Is how at my work place I see sales guys talking to HR aunties about how they balancing their sales with equal returns and still handling the pressure of meeting targets. (If only HR auntie knew it didn’t make any sense she would tell this dude to get of his ass and start working.
  • Another reason is the half empty vessel has found a kind hearted soul who is too nice to tell them to shut up. I just have 3 words for this kind hearted person “you deserve it, the price for being nice”.

But some of these are half empty vessels come with some really funny statements like:

  • torrents can be used to search the entire internet, cause they are the some total all the internet’s searches
  • have you listed your company on twitter.
  • white spaces is what makes Google such a good search engine. (And not the quality of its results)
  • have you tweeted that on Facebook and orkut.
  • and the list goes on… reading this you might think of some, do add them in the comments.