Dry today for a Green tomorrow



We spend lots of money partying and drinking over the weekend, and we all deserve that! Yes we do!

but we also have another responsibility that we may be ignoring, the one towards mother nature… but covering up for most of us are Hari from Project 35 Trees and Satish from the Sapling Project.

Hari recently started a journey across the country planting trees and educating young minds about the environment among other things. Satish along with friends has been distributing saplings throughout the city for a while now.

Both are looking from contributions to help them continue their efforts..

So here’s humble request, if you could skip drinking at least on one day (that you would normally drink during) over the weekend of 19th -21st and 26th – 28th

The monies thus saved can given here and here.


PS: if you would like to make contributions, in spite of not being drinker or over and above monies saved, please do so, I would be grateful.