I did the #FollowtheGenX Challenge


When I think of the Nano the one thing that comes to mind is, the common sight of an Indian Family – Husband, Wife and two to three kids on a motor-bike.. also dubbed “TataNano Family” for whom this much more safer option was built.

Credit - https://flic.kr/p/ges4GK

Credit – https://flic.kr/p/ges4GK

But cynics (me included) always questioned why not by a second hand Maruti instead, may be that’s the reason many families haven’t yet bought into the Nano Dream and continue risking their lives…

Nano has come a long way since it’s launch, and now comes with awesome tech making it an ideal city car

How would I know that, you ask?

Well last Sunday, Tata Motors took us through long presentation telling us about this very tech and they made us experience it first hand while we drove around Pune, doing some awesome challenges.

So here’s the lowdown on how I spiked town for a free-ride!

I made people touch my thing! and Go OMG!

The Bus ride to Pune did take an hour longer than expected but we got there, Finally!

We were served breakfast here:

Breakfast with this view. Good morning. #FollowTheGenX @indiblogger

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Now to the CHALLENGES!, Here I’d like to say I had the best team ever – TEAM H.


Some Love stories…


and awkward pics later

We were well feed by the organizers…

No booze was served! Salman wasn’t part of the team

Post lunch we were given a demo of the Nano’s awesome, turning and maneuverability

Then we decide to beat the heat with some live music… and by whom! Everyone joined in, beating them drums in drum circle.

I couldn’t help my self, and I let out a nice big fart under one of the biggest trees I could find…


Now there will always be, a little of me at TATA Lake House.


Still want to know more – checkout this cool Vlog by Prathistha Khan