Occupy Mumbai


On my way back from work today I was happy to see that the potholes near Liberty Garden, Malad had been filled. I always thought that if the BMC couldn’t fill up these potholes outside their own ward office, of what good they were to this city… But my joy was short lived further down the road near SNDT college the potholes were still there, each almost 5inches if not more deep.

So it is obvious that they just filled the potholes across a small stretch for Dahi Handi, a quick job which would not last more than a week so that they don’t get any complaints from the politician sponsoring Dahi Handi outside liberty garden tomorrow.

This particular stretch from Marve Road to liberty garden is a perfect example of how the BMC maintains our roads, layers after layers of hack job tar is added which mostly gives way and leave crazy potholes. Here you will not find single stretch of road even as little as 1 ft long where you find the road evenly paved.

Everyone knows about the kind of money that these politicians put in during BMC elections because once they win or even come second, no matter which party they belong to they can start dealing in and negotiating in BMC tenders, funded by our money which they pocket and thus we get these shabby roads.

Occupy Mumbai is my call to people who feel we deserve better to come together to voice it out and TAKE WHAT WE TRULY DESERVE.

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