Jai Maharashtra??


I have to confess that I don’t know the National Anthem by heart, but can sing along.. And that I do aloud with a lot of pride (not being my sarcastic self here) at the start of a movie (not the only place where I sing it). And I get a lot of people turning back, some saying “kaun hai be”, friends saying “politician you are” and the likes.

But at the last movie, something really disturbing happened this one group who couldn’t even stand straight during our anthem, let alone sing it, in a chorus shouted Jai Maharashtra at the end.

Simple question what good is your Jai Maharashtra without a Jai Hind. Doesn’t a part need a whole to even exist.

We have been so disillusioned by the politicians of this state who can’t give us the bare minimum but are ready to tax us, to fund their money making rackets/government projects.

They have filled our minds with such crap that we are ready to fight another brother for jobs that we don’t really need or even want. Jai Maharashtra, shouldn’t be your slogan, but the feeling when you see actual development around us.

We should demand this from our mayors and CM.

I take pride in singing the National Anthem, because it makes feel proud of my freedom, and our constitution. And makes me feel like a citizen of this country, who deserves a good life.

Even if I’m not really getting the good life, I deserve, thanks to our politicians.. Dissing the National Anthem just doesn’t feel right.