Few months back i left 3G the Call centre… and joined ecreeds. When I was offered the job i was told I would be an SEO in the company… No No its nothing like a CEO or a top company boss…

But its an exciting job… the problem is 90% of the people i know, don’t know what an SEO is (10% are from the web design and development industry, So they obviously know it)… When I told some of my former colleagues from three that i was an SEO… they were really happy for me as I went from being a Customer Relations Advisor to a Chief Executive officer… yes i know they were getting it all wrong but only someone out their minds would explain to those numb skulls that an SEO was different from a CEO.

Then I informed some of my friends, whom i knew from Sunrise (the office of the Late Mr. Sunil Dutt, then Union Sport Minister of India) they were upset because they thought i could do better.

Can’t blame them their understanding of SEO was Spl. executive officer of the Maharashtra Govt. (to be able attest your photocopies for school admissions) .. something that the smallest office bearer of the congress party becomes.

From then on when asked what i did for a living, I always replied that I was working for a company that’s into web design and stuff… (I do the stuff)

By the way if you didn’t know. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimiser, are people who do stupid stuff and take money from website owners, so that they do good in search engine results.

Hey but its not an easy job, it takes a lot of time in researching stuff.