Free is not free


Free is never free of hassles.

Tired of incorrect bills and dealing with the numbskull customer service advisors. I decided enough was enough and if i need to put in so much time to deal with hutch then they need to compensate me effectively… Each time they made a mistake and each time they delayed resolving it.

when i had an issue with my bill for june, which took most of july to be sorted out. I asked this guy called clifford d’cruz a senior manager from the company to give me my internet pack free for a month it costs Rs. 499 for 500 meg.

But the bug loaded hutch billing system issued me a bill with incorrect charges to a sum of 2.5k for the extra 500 meg. and getting that sorted took a lot… Finally i emailed the highest authority whom i could find an email for on their website.

Never seen a indian company respond so fast to an email, just 2hrs ( replied in 20mins, but 2hrs can pass as an indian record one for the limca book.)

the guy sorted things out right away, but i had some tickle in my behind and i told the guy what about compensation. and he unhesitantly offered the 499 internet pack free for 2 months.

but has i said free is never hassle free.

I’ve recieved a bill which has rental charges for the 199 internet pack which i never had.

i’ve spent over 10hrs of call time, tryin to sort this out, and i’m still awaiting a resolution.

Going with experience the wait ’s gonna be long.